Looking for places to buy games or perhaps other blogs and websites to get more information?  You've come to the right place.

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Friendly Local Game Stores - Michigan

Nerdageddon is a great comic book and boardgame store Brighton, MI. Located right off Exit 145 on I-96.

Online Game Stores

Great prices, great selection, and the best customer services anywhere.  If you're in NJ you get next day shipping at the cost of ground.  An unbeatable combination.

Superfly Circus - Superfly Pete writes great reviews and has a lot of giveaways on his site.  Well worth checking out, especially if you like a humorous approach.  In addition, Pete is an awesome guy.

Rear Guard Action - Billed as "Where games and (military) history come together", this blog is a great mix-up of historical-based information, opinions, and the occasional boardgame snippet. Slightly eclectic and definitely worth checking out.