Thursday, April 21, 2016

Harry and Karrin - Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game for two players

Our Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game preview continues with more insight after a few more games.  If you want to read our initial impressions, go here:  Dresden Files - first impressions

Tonight we thought we'd try the official two-player rules.  Yesterday I played a second hand separate as that's how most co-ops have you handle less players.  Plus, I really wanted to get a feel for the multi-player game.  Tonight we played it the way the rules suggested.

When you play a two-player game, the rules tell you to take 2 characters, lay out their stunt and talent cards, and then shuffle all their character cards together into one deck and draw 9 cards.  I had serious reservations about how this would work.  How did it turn out?

Flexibility galore -  When you discard for fate in a normal two-player game, you can choose to utilize either talent.  That was huge, especially as my two allowed me to place clues.  The choice was great because it put more emphasis on choosing when to discard for Fate which is already a monumental decision.

Card variety - The bigger deck means you'll see less of each characters cards.  This means you'll have widely varied hands from game to game causing you to solve the puzzle differently each time.  I love the fact that you never know what you're going to draw.

Play time - The game stayed the same length.  This was ideal.  Such a great feature.

Balance - The Horsey Avenger says she loves the fact that playing this way didn't feel unbalanced compared to multi-handed.  She was worried that the combined decks and character powers might be overpowered, but it definitely wasn't.  In fact, it was maybe even tighter.

This game is tight!! - Speaking of tightness, this game is finely balanced.  Our games have all been really close and these were no exception.

Love the 2-player variant - I love playing the 2-player game this way.  It's so much nicer than having to manage multiple hands or characters.  Everything is right in front of you.  There's no picking up or putting down cards.  You just need to look at your talents.  This really simplifies the game for 2.  I'll probably never play multi-handed again in this game. 

If you can't tell, I adore this game for 2 players.  The official rules work so much better than I was thinking.  It's nice to not have to manage 2 hands of cards.  It just makes the experience so clean and easy.

Also, our last game came down to the Showdown!  That was exciting.  At first I thought this was anticlimactic but it turns out that it can be really great.  We saved Fate points and utilized my two talents to set ourselves up for one last case and it came through.  I love that you can manage to eek out a victory you didn't think you could get.  It was such a fun way to pull it out.

Evil Hat Productions and Eric Vogel have done a stellar job converting one of our favorite books to a wonderful boardgame.  This game feels so smooth.  You can feel the development that went into it.  If you're not in on the Kickstarter, go do it now.  Dresden Files on Kickstarter

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